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The Late Movies: Throwing Things Off the Roof

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If anyone subscribed to the notion that there are any educational or otherwise redeeming qualities in the articles I post, I give you...people throwing things from roofs.

We'll start with a TV. The novice approach.

And now, the professionals.

Their description says it all: "We were bored. We killed the watermelon."

We had to have at least one genius who threw himself off the roof. (You wouldn't believe how many people try this.)

A medley of various large, breakable projectiles.

It's not just for morons! Watch MIT students hurl a piano from the top of the dorm.

And the father of the genre, Dave Letterman, drops a safe on a '96 LeSabre (the Cadillac of Buicks).


Attention all Lost fans...did you watch the Comic Con Lost Panel? If so, you probably saw these three videos that address the question of what effect the season five explosion had. (Can't wait for season six!)

Oceanic Airlines - a perfect 30 year safety record

Hurley has nothing but good luck.

Kate on America's Most Wanted.


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pretty pictures
9 Exhilarating Close-Up Photos of Sharks
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Dive into the world of Shark, a new book by award-winning photographer Brian Skerry.

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Hamilton Broadway
A Hamilton-Themed Cookbook is Coming
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Hamilton Broadway

Fans of Broadway hit Hamilton will soon be able to dine like the Founding Fathers: As Eater reports, a new Alexander Hamilton-inspired cookbook is slated for release in fall 2017.

Cover art for Laura Kumin's forthcoming cookbook

Called The Hamilton Cookbook: Cooking, Eating, and Entertaining in Hamilton’s World, the recipe collection by author Laura Kumin “takes you into Hamilton’s home and to his table, with historical information, recipes, and tips on how you can prepare food and serve the food that our founding fathers enjoyed in their day,” according to the Amazon description. It also recounts Hamilton’s favorite dishes, how he enjoyed them, and which ingredients were used.

Recipes included are cauliflower florets two ways, fried sausages and apples, gingerbread cake, and apple pie. (Cue the "young, scrappy, and hungry" references.) The cookbook’s official release is on November 21—but until then, you can stave off your appetite for all things Hamilton-related by downloading the musical’s new app.


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