The Late Movies: Card Tricks

Tonight let's take a look at some fabulous YouTube card tricks! This first trick is a classic David Blaine routine in which he seems to shoot a card through a glass window....

Ricky Jay Throws Cards With Deadly(ish) Force

In this portion of Jay's stage act, he throws cards, decapitating a rubber duck and injuring a watermelon.

Criss Angel's Vegas Card Tricks

He appears to be using Criss Angel Brand™ cards on a Criss Angel Brand™ Card Table. Also keep an ear out for the Criss Angels Brand™ sound effects when he does The Move™!

Ricky Jay's "Sword of Vengeance"

I can't resist featuring another Ricky Jay video. He's just too smooth to pass up. In this trick, Ricky Jay uses a story from Japanese cinema as the basis for a palming card trick.

The "World's Best" Card Trick

In this trick, red cards turn blue, due to...magic! Perhaps not the best trick in the world, but pretty good!

If you haven't seen enough, there are thousands more card tricks on YouTube.

What Eye Spy/Vimeo
Finding Art in Everyday Sights
What Eye Spy/Vimeo
What Eye Spy/Vimeo

Artist Paul Gledhill "draws on" everyday sights for inspiration. See more on Instagram.

Can You Find the Money in Santa’s Sack in This Hidden Image Puzzle?

A hidden-object image features rows of Santas carrying sacks.

Vouchercloud, a website and app for online deals, brings us this holiday-themed test of your vision just in time for Christmas. Hidden among all the identical Santa Clauses carrying sacks of presents, one financially-savvy Santa is carrying a big sack of money. Can you figure out where he is? (Warning: Spoilers below.)

Spot him yet? If you’re stumped, check out the solution below. If this one was a breeze for you, try out a few more hidden-object puzzles here, here, and here. Or if you’re looking for something with a little more real-life relevancy, try to figure out where the snake is in this photo. Happy hunting!

A hidden-object image features rows of Santas carrying sacks with the solution circled in red.


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