Morning Cup of Links: Whack-a-Kitties

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The 9 Most Outrageous Outlaw Heroes. I love these types of stories that you don't read in history class, but would have made those classes so much more interesting. (via Gorilla Mask)
Whack-a-Kitties. Videos of the five best whack-a-mole games involving cats, either as player or as the mole.
McAllen, Texas has the lowest average household income in the nation, but the seond-highest per capita health care costs. The New Yorker takes a look at why costs are so high and why the residents aren't any healthier than in other towns.
The 10 Most Powerful Political Daughters. That's five who have already made a mark and five who have the potential to do so.
The Kindle 3 makes reading easier than ever. Even illiterates can use it!
Baby Asian sea otters will make you go "Awwww." But it's Friday, so say it out loud!
Eight Strikes that Turned Ugly (or Inspired Keanu Reeves Movies). Some would say those are the same thing.

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May 28, 2009 - 11:59pm
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