Morning Cup of Links: Time Travel Rules

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How an economics reporter for the New York Times became a typical victim of the mortgage crisis. Should the lesson be: a) it could have happened to anyone, or b) don't take financial advice from newspapers?
5 Pieces of Junk That Turned Out to be Invaluable Artifacts. Excuse me now, I feel the need to go clean out my attic.
25 logos with hidden messages. Some are well-known, but others will make you wonder how you ever missed it.
Caption your LOLcats in Cyrillic letters at this Russian site. Or see them in Engish (with no consideration for actual translation) at Яolcats. (Thanks, Bairman!)
Rules for Time Travelers. Real-world facts may lead to amazing breakthroughs, but they tend to take the fun out of changing history.
Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a bird house? This ad has a glimpse into the private life of our feathered friends.
5 Cases of Unwanted TV Fame. Some actors land a career-making role, only to spend the rest of their lives complaining about it.

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May 17, 2009 - 11:56pm
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