Morning Cup of Links: Fake News Stories

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If you could travel in time, wouldn't you travel back to show yourself how to time-travel? This scenario is bound to turn out very different from anything you could imagine.
An author contrasts the Dutch social welfare system with the US. Sure, they pay 52% income tax, but then the government pays them for health insurance, schoolbooks, daycare, and even vacations -and they don't pay other taxes. (via Metafilter)
Where Are They Now - Project Greenlight Winners. Did the series produce another Spielberg, or is it too soon to tell?
7 Clearly Fake News Stories That Fooled The Mainstream Media. The first day of journalism school should teach that you don't use email forwards as a source.
Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can't Crack. But they're not too worried about it because it was put there to honor the agency, not to fool them.
How A Phantom Oil Leak Will Ruin A Motorcycle Race (but make great TV). There goes another one! And another!
Sitcom-munication Breakdown: When Sitcoms Go Global. American TV shows can lose something in translation -or maybe gain something funny!

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May 5, 2009 - 12:04am
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