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The Weird Week in Review

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Perry Mason Not a Lawyer

A man named Perry Mason was arrested in Houston Tuesday. The offense? Practicing law without a license. The 43-year-old man was charged with barratry, which is a third-degree felony. No one named Perry Mason is licensed to practice law in Texas, according to bar records. The TV character Perry Mason was an excellent lawyer, winning almost all his cases when the show aired from 1957 to 1965.

Laundry Retrieved from Retriever

When Bailey the retriever went to the veterinary clinic in Corfe Mullen, Dorset, England, the doctor thought he had a tumor. What veterinarian Keith Moore found inside the dog was five golf gloves, ten socks, one stocking, and part of a towel! Moore believes Bailey must have been eating laundry for years to accumulate such a mass. The dog has fully recovered from surgery and acts like a puppy again.

Man Bites Python

Ben Nyaumbe of the Malindi area of Kenya was working on a farm when he was attacked by a python. The huge snake wrapped around Nyaumbe and dragged him up a tree! During the struggle that lasted for several hours, Nyaumbe bit the python on the tail. When the snake relaxed its grip for a moment, he was able to reach his cell phone and call for help. Rescuers helped to free Nyaumbe and battled the python into three bags, from which it later escaped. Nyaumbe suffered bruises and a cut lip.

Fir Tree Removed from Patient's Lung

150fir.jpg28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin of Izhevsk, Russia complained of chest pains and was coughing blood. Doctors suspected cancer, and took a biopsy. Surgeon Vladimir Kamashev was astonished to find green needles in the tissue! A five centimeter fir seedling was removed from Sidorkin's lung at the Udmurtian Cancer Center. Doctors believe that Sidorkin inhaled a fir seed or bud which grew in his tissue, since a branch that size could not have been inhaled. Botanists are skeptical, because a plant needs light to begin growing. If you wish, you can see a very graphic video of the procedure.

Speeding While Engaged in Sex

A 28-year-old man was pulled over on a highway in Norway when police observed the car speeding and swerving. The driver was distracted because he was having sex with his girlfriend!

"[The vehicle] was veering from one side to the other because the woman was sitting on the man's lap while he was driving and doing the act, shall we say," he added.

"He couldn't see much because her back was in the way."

The unnamed driver will face a fine of several thousand kroner and a driving ban for reckless driving.

Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Dies

150dougwhite.jpgDoug White of Archibald, Louisiana and his family boarded a flight from Florida to Mississippi last Sunday after a funeral. Pilot Joe Cabuk had the Super King Air two-engine turboprop at 5,000 feet and climbing when he collapsed and died. White, who was licensed to fly single engine planes, had to take the controls. The only thing he knew how to do in a Super King was to use the radio, which he did. Air-traffic controllers in Miami and Fort Myers guided him in, with help from Kari Sorenson, a Super King pilot in Danbury, Connecticut who was consulted by cell phone. White landed the plane at Fort Myers' Southwest Florida International Airport. Audio tape of the emergency landing is available.

Snakes On A Plane

A Qantas flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne had to be diverted when four baby pythons escaped from their shipping container. The 6-inch Stimson's pythons were not found, but passengers were transferred to another plane. Airline officials don't know how they escaped, but ascertained that they were not eaten by the other snakes by weighing the remaining pythons.

"They're not endangered so a decision was made to fumigate...if these snakes turn up they will be very much dead snakes," David Epstein of Qantas said.

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Fisherman Catches Rare Blue Lobster, Donates It to Science
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Live lobsters caught off the New England coast are typically brown, olive-green, or gray—which is why one New Hampshire fisherman was stunned when he snagged a blue one in mid-July.

As The Independent reports, Greg Ward, from Rye, New Hampshire, discovered the unusual lobster while examining his catch near the New Hampshire-Maine border. Ward initially thought the pale crustacean was an albino lobster, which some experts estimate to be a one-in-100-million discovery. However, a closer inspection revealed that the lobster's hard shell was blue and cream.

"This one was not all the way white and not all the way blue," Ward told The Portsmouth Herald. "I've never seen anything like it."

While not as rare as an albino lobster, blue lobsters are still a famously elusive catch: It's said that the odds of their occurrence are an estimated one in two million, although nobody knows the exact numbers.

Instead of eating the blue lobster, Ward decided to donate it to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye. There, it will be studied and displayed in a lobster tank with other unusually colored critters, including a second blue lobster, a bright orange lobster, and a calico-spotted lobster.

[h/t The Telegraph]

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Master Sgt. Rose Reynolds, U.S. Air Force, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
How the U-2 Aircraft Made Area 51 Synonymous With UFOs
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Master Sgt. Rose Reynolds, U.S. Air Force, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Area 51 may be the world’s most famous secret military base. Established on an abandoned airfield in the Nevada desert, the facility has fueled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists scanning the skies for UFOs for decades. But the truth about Area 51’s origins, while secretive, isn’t as thrilling as alien autopsies and flying saucers.

According to Business Insider, the U.S. government intended to build a base where they could test a top-secret military aircraft without drawing attention from civilians or spies. That aircraft, the U-2 plane, needed to fly higher than any other manmade object in the skies. That way it could perform recon missions over the USSR without getting shot down.

Even over the desert, the U-2 didn’t go completely undetected during test flights. Pilots who noticed the craft high above them reported it as an “unidentified flying object.” Not wanting to reveal the true nature of the project, Air Force officials gave flimsy explanations for the sightings pointing to either natural phenomena or weather research. UFO believers were right to think the government was covering something up, they were just wrong about the alien part.

You can get the full story in the video below.

[h/t Business Insider]


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