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Over the past six months, the most requested addition to our site has been a 'Share on Facebook' button beneath posts. Ask and ye shall receive. At least when ye ask for something we were working on anyway, ye shall. Next time you read something your friends might enjoy, give it a whirl. Thanks to programmer C. Winslow Taft for making it happen.
I've received almost as many emails about Facebook sharing as I did complaints about the low percentage of pure-bred pups in last week's What Kind of Dog Is That? quiz. (Your voices have been heard, dog quiz lovers. A sequel is coming, possibly Thursday.)
If you're a college student and don't mind working for clothing (specifically, a mental_floss t-shirt), we're planning another edition of mental_floss College Weekend this semester. Send your story or quiz ideas and a few well-written paragraphs about yourself to College Weekend editor Stacy Conradt will be sorting through applications at the end of next week, so start your brainstorming.
The 2009 mental_floss summer intern program will be announced later this month. Stay tuned for details on how to apply.
mental_floss is on Twitter. Right now, we're just posting random facts as we come across them. Care to follow along?
I've been on vacation the last week as my wife and I moved into our new house. I'm not sure there's an activity I dislike more than moving, but we're making good progress. To celebrate the cable being hooked up, we watched House last night. I guess Fox had hyped this as a very special episode, but we've been out of touch. So when one of the main characters died, I was totally shocked. TV-Holic Kara Kovalchik might be putting together a story on TV deaths. Want to help us out? What TV character deaths stayed with you?

This concludes your afternoon announcements. Thanks and have a great day.

April 7, 2009 - 10:04am
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