Morning Cup of Links: Here Comes Lulin!

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Ironworkers spray paint the names of children with cancer on construction beams as they build a new hospital. It thrills the kids, and in a fashion immortalizes them. (via Metafilter)
Graphic artist Jonathan Jarvis created a visual rundown of the factors causing the economic meltdown. The two-part animated video is the simplest of the many explanations I've seen.
Comet Lulin will be close enough for anyone with binoculars and a clear sky to see tonight. It will be a mere 38 million miles away!
How to demolish a house in one fell swoop. You need a cannon, some explosives, and lots of friends to celebrate with.
With more than 100 questions, filling out the Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA) is the hardest part of applying for college. Some families pay for help, while the neediest families just give up.
The National Guard has gone green, and that doesn't mean olive drab. Wind turbines, biofuels, and solar tubes are now commonplace in Guard facilities.
Where Are They Now: Advertising Icons. The Gerber baby, the Dutch Boy, and Wendy were all real people who went on to excel in very different areas.

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February 22, 2009 - 10:51pm
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