Morning Cup of Links: Castle Graffiti

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1966 GE College Bowl: Agnes Scott vs. Princeton. How a crew of mere girls knocked off the Ivy League boys, and what happened to the team members since.
If you have any plans to go to Iraq and see the sights. keep in mind they won't be expecting you. Maybe you should read about this Italian tourist's experience.
Kelburn Castle in Scotland got a makeover from two Brazilian street artists. An 800-year-old fortress is not where you'd normally expect to find graffiti!
President Obama wants to limit executives from companies that accept bailout money to a salary of half a million dollars a year (more than he makes as president). The New York Times explains how difficult that will be for Wall Street brokers.
A Dazzling Neon Rainbow Jellyfish. In the dark depths of the ocean, strange things happen when man-made light is turned on for filming.
Climate change may reshuffle western weeds. Invasive weeds can change ecosystems, feed wildfires, and cost millions to control.
Five Great Prison Escapes. Only one of these involved an escape by what we'd call criminals.

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February 8, 2009 - 10:57pm
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