Morning Cup of Links: 50-foot Snake

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Titanoboa cerrejonensis was a prehistoric snake that grew up to 15 meters long and could swallow crocodiles whole! Luckily, it would never be able to hide on a plane. Bonus: here are some other prehistoric giants.
10 Surefire Ways to Score Oscar Recognition. The same type roles keep winning, so there is no question why we see the same types of movies every year.
How much energy did it take to blow up the planet Alderaan? A lot, which is why the Death Star cost so much to build!
A Brief History of Stop-Motion Animation. Oh yeah, lots of examples are embedded with this article. (via Neatorama)
White-nose Syndrome now threatens bat populations in six states. If the bats go, mosquitoes and other pests will take over the world.
Kate Micucci sings Dear Deer. This video manages to be cute, funny, and somewhat horrifying all at the same time.
Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Surprisingly Smart. Looks like you can have it all. Or some folks can.

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February 4, 2009 - 10:31pm
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