Morning Cup of Links: DIY DNA Testing

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Hugh Rienhoff's daughter has a rare genetic defect that doctors can't identify or treat, so he took it upon himself to sequence her DNA. It's a difficult task if you don't have a business, or university, or laboratory of your own.
Odd and Extraordinary Beauty Pageants. For whatever reason Miss America keeps you out, there's another contest made just for you.
What every reality show contestant needs to know. These ten tips will help you advance, or at least help you not make such a fool of yourself.
You might think taking pictures of dead babies is morbid. Those who have lost a child are grateful for the memories preserved by a group of photographers who provide this service.
Bubble Spinner is not that difficult. You can work out your strategy after only a minute or two, but the rest of your day may be sacrificed to this simple game.
A thousand years ago ancient Americans may have walked hundreds of miles to get chocolate. Evidence of chocolate in what is now New Mexico shows it arrived here much earlier than previously thought.
Sitcom Aliens. The "fish out of water" character is always the funniest on the show.

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February 2, 2009 - 10:56pm
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