Neatorama found this great story in the Wuhan Evening Post of a Chinese man who'd been struggling to train his white Pomeranian puppy for months. The pup was essentially a nightmare of a pet: it refused to listen, smelled awful, stunk worse when shampooed, and instead of barking made odd cooing sounds. Stranger still, unlike standard purebreds, this Pom's tail kept growing. Oh, and it also bit the owner a lot. Fed up with the situation, the man finally took his pet to a zoo for answers where he found out that his dog wasn't trainable for a reason: the doggy in the window he'd spent £60 on was actually an Arctic fox. Ridiculous! In any case, I'm hoping that the scars on his face in the picture have nothing to do with trying to get his fox to heel. Link via the always fascinating Neatorama.