Morning Cup of Links: Christmas Day

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Santa Claus arrested? He must have been, because The Smoking Gun has 14 pages of mug shots -he has to be in there somewhere! (via the Presurfer)
The Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast. The astronauts look back forty years later. (via Metafilter) See the video here.
Super-cute video of a gang of dogs decorating a Christmas tree. This is not an animation.
It's a Wonderful Post. Full of all kinds of things you didn't know about the movie It's a Wonderful Life.
There are dozens of online generators to help you send personalized holiday greetings. Take your pick, especially if you neglected to send out "real" Christmas cards!
"...the wonderfulest Christmas in the United States of America." John Henry Faulk's 1974 Christmas story.

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December 24, 2008 - 11:30pm
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