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6 Founding Members of the Internet Zoo

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Some of the biggest internet sensations have been animals. If the world wide web had a zoo, who would be the founding members? These six, presented in no particular order, would be at the top of the list.

1. Badgers Badgers Badgers


The flash animation Badgers was created by Jonti Picking of Weebl's Stuff. It was first published in September of 2003. The popularity of Badgers landed Picking a job with MTV Europe, for which he produced the cartoon series Weebl and Bob. There are now a host of badger derivatives for all occasions: zombie badgers, Badgers on a Plane, Big Ass Badgers, soccer badgers, a Harry Potter version, and Baby Badgers, featuring the plush badgers you can buy.

2. Dramatic Prairie Dog


A 5-second video entitled Dramatic Chipmunk appeared on YouTube in the summer of 2007 and was immediately spread across the web. Further investigation revealed that the animal was actually a prairie dog that had appeared on the Japanese TV show Hello! Morning. The editing and addition of a dramatic crescendo made it "The best 5 second clip on the internet." The original video soon garnered 12 million views (and over 18,000 YouTube comments), and dozens of copies and remixes gained millions more. The popularity of this little guy faded fast as the web was oversaturated rapidly. There's only so much mileage you can get out of a 5-second clip, no matter how funny.

3. Viking Kittens


Viking Kittens is a flash animation created by Joel Veitch of in 2002. A pair of kittens sail their longboats and flash their weapons to "The Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. Viking Kittens disappeared from his site and are mentioned nowhere at all at now, although you can find them in many other locations. The only reason ever mentioned is that the kittens used too much bandwidth, but there might be a licensing problem with the Led Zeppelin song. In any case, Veitch can't be blamed for wanting to promote songs he wrote himself, of which there are plenty.

4. Hamster Dance

440Hamster Dance.jpg

Deidre LaCarte designed the Hamster Dance in 1998 while an art student in Canada. It was a bid to draw traffic to her website, which, um, worked. The inspiration was her own hamster, Hampton Hamster. The song behind the 9-second loop is "Whistle Stop", performed by Roger Miller in the Disney movie Robin Hood. The web page drew thousands of visitors a day in 1999, which at the time made it the number one destination on the internet. The hamsters elicited giggles for a minute, then annoyance as they were emailed around the world (and still are). Several Hamster Dance songs have been recorded and became minor hits in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Hamster dance spinoffs found their way onto five albums (so far). There are many redesigns and new versions of the Hamster Dance at the official site.

5. Oolong the Pancake Bunny


Oolong is the name of the rabbit in the picture captioned "I have no idea what you're talking about... so here's a bunny with a pancake on its head." Beginning in 1999, photographer Hironori Akutagawa trained Oolong to balance objects on his head and took pictures, which he posted on his website. He became an internet sensation in 2001 and built a fan base until his death in 2003. He was eight years old. Urban Dictionary defines "pancake bunny" as the patron saint of silence.

6. LOLrus


The LOLcat universe has permeated the internet deeply with a vast array of funny cats, but the one who rose to the top of the popularity chain is not a cat at all! The LOLrus was a walrus who was charmingly attached to his most precious possession -a bucket. The original picture spawned an entire series of walrus macros, most captioned with something about the missing bucket. The original picture was of Minazo, an elephant seal (not a walrus at all!) who lived at the Enoshima Aquarium in Japan. Minazo died in 2005, but his legacy (and his bucket) lives on.

Who will the next inductees into the internet zoo be? There are quite a few famous animals who might deserve hall-of-fame status: Tubcat, Spaghetti Cat, Mocha the baby hamster, Oscar the death-predicting cat, Faith the bipedal dog, the Cadbury Gorilla, Tyson the skateboarding dog, Sugar Bush Squirrel, and the most popular of the LOLcats. What others would you suggest?

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Warner Bros.
This Harry Potter Candle Melts to Reveal Your Hogwarts House—and Smells Amazing
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Warner Bros.

As it gets darker and colder outside, the thought of lighting a candle in your room and curling up with a good book becomes more appealing. A sorting hat candle from the Muggle Library Candles Etsy store makes the perfect companion to whatever Harry Potter book you happen to be re-reading for the hundredth time this season. According to the Cleveland news outlet WKYC, the candle slowly reveals your Hogwarts house as it burns.

From the outside, the item looks like a normal white candle. But when lit, the outer layer of plain wax melts away, allowing the colorful interior to poke through. The candles come in one of four concealed colors: red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff, and green for Slytherin. The only way to know which house you’re destined to match with is by purchasing a candle and putting it to use. According to the label, the scent evokes “excitement, fear, and nervousness.” The smell can also be described as lemon with sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

Due to its viral popularity, the Fort Worth, Texas-based Etsy store has put all orders on hold while working to get its current batch of shipments out to customers. You can follow Muggle Library Candles on Instagram for updates on the sorting candle, as well as other Harry Potter-themed candles in their repertoire, like parseltongue and free elf.

[h/t WKYC]

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Kehinde Wiley Studio, Inc., Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0
Barack Obama Taps Kehinde Wiley to Paint His Official Presidential Portrait
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Kehinde Wiley
Kehinde Wiley Studio, Inc., Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0

Kehinde Wiley, an American artist known for his grand portraits of African-American subjects, has painted Michael Jackson, Ice-T, and The Notorious B.I.G. in his work. Now the artist will have the honor of adding Barack Obama to that list. According to the Smithsonian, the former president has selected Wiley to paint his official presidential portrait, which will hang in the National Portrait Gallery.

Wiley’s portraits typically depict black people in powerful poses. Sometimes he models his work after classic paintings, as was the case with "Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps.” The subjects are often dressed in hip-hop-style clothing and placed against decorative backdrops.

Portrait by Kehinde Wiley
"Le Roi a la Chasse"
Kehinde Wiley, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 3.0

Smithsonian also announced that Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald has been chosen by former first lady Michelle Obama to paint her portrait for the gallery. Like Wiley, Sherald uses her work to challenge stereotypes of African-Americans in art.

“The Portrait Gallery is absolutely delighted that Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald have agreed to create the official portraits of our former president and first lady,” Kim Sajet, director of the National Portrait Gallery, said in a press release. “Both have achieved enormous success as artists, but even more, they make art that reflects the power and potential of portraiture in the 21st century.”

The tradition of the president and first lady posing for portraits for the National Portrait Gallery dates back to George H.W. Bush. Both Wiley’s and Sherald’s pieces will be revealed in early 2018 as permanent additions to the gallery in Washington, D.C.


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