The Quick 10: 10 Things You Didn't Know the Names Of

You can thank us after you clean up on Jeopardy!


1. Tittle - the dot over a lowercase "i".

2. Botts' Dots - the dots that divide lanes on the highway. They're named after their creator, Dr. Elbert Botts. Photo by Wikipedia user Coolcaesar.

3. Bib nozzle, sill cock (AKA bibcock) - any outdoor faucet on a house.

4. Escape words - the words you use in place of swear words, such as "Gosh" and "Darn." My mom's favorite - "God..." [pause] "...Bless America."

5. Crown cap - a metal bottle cap with crimped edges. Bust this one out when you're out with friends this weekend.

6. Toque blanche - a chef's hat.

7. Twilight zone - not the show, either. It's the space just inside of a cave where the cave is still lit by the daylight from outside.
8. Mandarin crease - the lines on either side of your mouth.
9. Preprandial libation - a drink before dinner.
10. Punch holes - the holes in the toe of a sneaker.

What Eye Spy/Vimeo
Finding Art in Everyday Sights
What Eye Spy/Vimeo
What Eye Spy/Vimeo

Artist Paul Gledhill "draws on" everyday sights for inspiration. See more on Instagram.

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