The Quick 10: Jobs in the U.S. With the Most Fatalities

I sit at a desk all day, so my chances of dying because of a job-related injury are pretty slim. Fatal paper cut? Out-of-control stapler? Overly sharp pencil? Probably not. But the people on this list are at risk every single day. If one of these happens to be your job, thanks for doing it"¦ and please, be careful! If you're interested in more, check out the full article from Forbes.


1. Commercial fisherman: 111.8 out of 100,000.
2. Loggers: 86.4 out of 100,000.
3. Pilots and flight engineers: 66.7 out of 100,000.
4. Construction workers in the iron and steel industry: 45.5 out of 100,000.
5. Farmers and ranchers: 38.4 out of 100,000.
6. Roofers: 29.4 out of 100,000.
7. Powerline workers: 29.1 out of 100,000.
8. Drivers (truckers and salespeople): 26.2 out of 100,000.
9. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors: 22.8 out of 100,000.
10. Police: 21.4 out of 100,000.

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