Morning Cup of Links: Zombies, Gorillas, and LOLcats (oh my!)

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The 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in U.S. History. A magnitude of 9.4 is almost beyond comprehension.
6 of the World's Greatest Missing Treasures. Maybe they're behind the dryer.
24 Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities. Any would make a great Halloween destination, or at least a story to share.
Zombie Walk 2008. They took over Union Square in New York City last Friday, and will soon be coming for YOU!
LOLcats go to the movies! I can has Oscar?
Gorilla conservation began in 1921 with a scientist who recognized them as our closest relatives. It's been an uphill battle ever since.
9 more Frankenstein facts. Like: how did Darwin get into the book?

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October 21, 2008 - 8:31pm
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