Morning Cup of Links: 40 Foot Snake

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10 Weird Psychology Studies. I'll bet some of these received grant money just for their sheer ballsiness.
The largest snake ever found was over 40 feet long and probably weighed over a ton! The good news is that what they found was a fossil. (via Boing Boing)
A close look at donuts. Their past may be a mystery, but their present is sweet. (via YesButNoButYes)
5 Enormous Cracks. There are places on earth where tectonic plates are moving, sometimes too slow for humans to discern, sometimes rather suddenly.
How 10 American Towns Got Their Weird Names. They all have great stories but I think they were all looking ahead to internet fame.
Stop Motion Chess. With just the touch of violence the sport of kings needs.
38 Essential facts about Frankenstein. Fact #37: He's on a postage stamp?!

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October 20, 2008 - 10:26pm
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