Morning Cup of Links: Crazy Corn Mazes

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There are so many different stories about the Three Stooges' origin. Here's one that sounds good.
Ten Meetings that Rocked the World. The sum of collaborative minds is sometimes more than anyone imagined.
6 financial milestones you should reach before age 30. Even if you're over 30, you can still work toward these goals. (via Consumerist)
A third photo has emerged of Robert Johnson, the legendary bluesman with the long, long fingers. Along with the story of the photo, read the story of the musician himself. (via Metafilter)
Scattered across the farm-belt of the United States of America are acres upon acres of the craziest corn mazes that mankind has ever conceived. Take a look at some from above. (via Dark Roasted Blend)
Three reasons to takes political polls with a grain of salt. Pollsters themselves are worried that they'll be wrong, wrong, wrong.
The fine art of whale disposal. Not quite as easy as setting a bag out on the curb.

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October 9, 2008 - 10:15pm
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