Morning Cup of Links: Geography of Personality

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Research on the "geography of personality" finds that certain regions of the US correlate with certain personality traits. Some traits feed into stereotypes; others don't.
Stop for a minute and admire the beauty of Scotland. You'll thank me after a few pages.
9 Mental Math Tricks. I'll never be able to remember all of these, but I so admire the beautiful patterns of math.
Wario Land. Now this is advertising! You'll enjoy it even if you never play video games.
The show must go on... even if the studio is on fire! That's what you call dedication -or maybe attention deficit disorder.
Watch a glass blower make a cat. He makes it look easy, but you know it's anything but.
5 Things I Learned At the End of the Oregon Trail. Not the video game, the real Oregon Trail, ending in Oregon.

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September 23, 2008 - 10:55pm
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