Vacations aren't for everyone. Do you miss the tapping of keyboards, or the cozy comfort of your cubicle? Do you long for a bit of break room chatter? Lucky for you, a few websites offer the perfect virtual fixes. Here are a few staples every office junkie should bookmark right now.

1. Authentic desk noises

Virtual Stapler has a gallery of the office essentials and three on-screen versions to choose from. Take a break from clicking and read some stapler poetry.

2. For those packing supply sounds

Picture 194.pngPop as much bubble wrap as you want at Virtual Bubble Wrap.  The site explains the anatomy of a sheet of bubble wrap, and for those with a competitive edge, you can time your popping performance.

3. For the eavesdropping

Think your coworkers say the strangest things? Submit quotable moments and see what office workers everywhere are listening to at Overheard in the Office.

4. For the office buffoonery

Picture 177.pngBefore Ricky Gervais was clowning it up on The Office, comedian Rick Davis was already a professional office prankster. He swallows letter openers, sends endless faxes, creates rubber band illusions and more. Strange as it may be, he might actually get paid to do these tricks.

5. For the rage

Do all the evil things to your desk you only dreamed of in the Cubicle Freakout game. Let all that frustration out, but be sure to turn the speakers down if you are in an actual office.

6. For the passive-aggressive doodling

Cartoonist Shane Johnson illustrates his musings on life in a cubicle. The office humor and materials (post-it notes, envelopes, highlighters, etc.) are authentic.

7. For some Speadsheet Artistry

Picture 164.pngMicrosoft Excel facilitates number and list churning, but it has also been an artistic medium for Danielle Aubert. Let it inspire your own creativity (or procrastination) and maybe you too can exhibit your masterpieces.