Morning Cup of Links: Faking Death

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Ten Dead People Who Weren't Really Dead. And these were the ones who got caught faking it -there are probably many more out there.
What can be cuter than two youngsters frolicking in the backyard with a lawn sprinkler? Mama keeps a close eye on them, of course.
Things a bridesmaid might need before the wedding: dress, shoes, haircut, manicure, Botox, dental work, breast enhancement... what? It happens more often than you may think.
A gallery of NASA spacesuits from Mercury to the future. Comfort and fashion take a backseat to keeping an astronaut alive in space.
What it's like to be a losing contestant on Jeopardy. Includes an explanation of why the buzzer doesn't always work.
Your local produce is probably at its peak right now. Learn how to select, store, and prepare fruits and vegetables to maximize your food budget.
Make your own wind. Not what you're thinking; this is about generating electricity.

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July 27, 2008 - 10:28pm
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