Morning Cup of Links: Jedi Gym

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Jedi Gym. A Star Wars nerd opens a fitness center for like-minded individuals. Just when you start to think this is too long, unexpected events make it something very different.
A new study indicates that HIV has been present in humans for 100 years -longer than we thought. It also indicates it's only been present in monkeys for a couple of hundred years -much more recently than we thought.
Salon talks about about the fascination we have with all things bacon. Yours Truly was cited as one of the "experts", mainly because of this post.
Gas prices are causing cutbacks in care and meal delivery for the elderly and disabled. Routes have been scaled back, volunteers are dropping out, and waiting lists are growing.
Open Doors. A maddening maze game that sucked up a big part of my Friday.
Bob Beaman's long jump in the 1968 Olympics broke the world record by 2 feet! Part of his performance is attributed to altitude and perfect weather.
The bloody history of the boulder church. If this rock could talk, it would have chilling tales!

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July 6, 2008 - 10:39pm
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