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"¢ What if all the news headline hype was really true? You know, that we were in real danger from killer bees, Y2K would really meltdown our world, and S Club 7 was the greatest band of our generation? (Ok, I'm not sure anyone ever claimed that last one as fact, BUT) ... see it all happen here, if you can resist riding your Segway long enough to watch.

"¢ From Taylor, a link about a guy who makes wooden mirrors. No, not wooden frames for glass mirrors ... mirrors made from wood. Yes. See it to believe it!

"¢ Did you know you can see into the future? That's right, you. And me. According to this article sent by my friend Kevin, the trick to most optical illusions comes in our ability to see about one-tenth of a second into the future. Or at least, guess what's there.

"¢ Give thanks, gentle sirs, to our own Jason English, who has provided a link this week to the Barber Shop Locator. As Jason candidly remarks, "The inability to locate a good barber shop is a huge problem for dudes." Fear no more. And help out your fellow man by adding the locale of any quality cutteries you know.

"¢ Reader Tony again brings us a great post from his blog—this time, 8 of the Most Unusual Postage Stamps. Tony admits that stamps may not be that interesting to some, but these stamps are sure to interest anyone! - Watch more free videos

"¢ Another amazing video from Michael at The Daily Tube (home of the best new videos on the internet).

"¢ As Georgia dries up, Iowa floods. See how a region prepares and copes with rising waters.

"¢ Now here comes a plethora of great links, as always, from Angie. Angie has also revolutionized the linking business for me by opening me up to the possibilities of Google Notebook. The Notebook is a simple application you download and add bookmarks to as you venture around the internet, and—here's the best part!—you can add people to share in what you've included in your notebook. If this sounds interesting to you, think about adding to your share list!

"¢ The internet has taught us that a great number of people have the time and resources to do many, many strange things. Exhibit A, this installment of the Will it Blend? series, featuring the Wii Remote.

"¢ Feel you have hidden artistic talents the likes of which the world has never seen? Do these gifts show themselves in the form of interior design? Try this design applet to create an interior space, and see if what comes out is any good. I'll admit mine left me deciding to leave the task to the professionals.

"¢ Many of you have probably seen this link, but for me it's never too soon for a repeat viewing. Cool video of wall-painted animation.


"¢ So I know we're in a housing crisis and all but ... is this really our only alternative?

"¢ If you're looking to bring the outdoors in, consider this, an artist's rendition of clouds indoors.

"¢ Just for fun, the pretty things of the week—a color flip book (use the edges of your browser window to grab and flip backwards and forwards to see colors mix).

"¢ Would you purchase a stress-relief vase for $48? Supposedly it captures all of your profanity-laden screaming noise if you, say, stub your toe, or open your cell phone bill.

"¢ From the Annals of Things You'd Wish You'd Thought Of (Or Did Think Of But Dismissed As Insane), "Your Name on Toast," a website where people pay to get something advertised on a virtual piece of toast. Eh? However, the money does go to charity (and they are raking it in!)

"¢ Play Music Catch, a free online game on Kongregate. Fun and simple, with great music. My first try score was 428634 ... can anyone beat me?

Check out this Google Notebook thing, and if that doesn't suit your fancy, you can just just keep emailing me links the old fashioned way ( Have a great weekend!

The Simple Way to Reheat Your French Fries and Not Have Them Turn Into a Soggy Mess

Some restaurant dishes are made to be doggy-bagged and reheated in the microwave the next day. Not French fries: The more crispy and delectable they are when they first arrive on your table, the more of a soggy disappointment they’ll be when you try to revive them at home. But as The Kitchn recently shared, there’s a secret to making leftover fries you’ll actually enjoy eating.

The key is to avoid the microwave altogether. Much of the appeal of fries comes from their crunchy, golden-brown exterior and their creamy potato center. This texture contrast is achieved by deep-frying, and all it takes is a few rotations around a microwave to melt it away. As the fries heat up, they create moisture, transforming all those lovely crispy parts into a flabby mess.

If you want your fries to maintain their crunch, you need to recreate the conditions they were cooked in initially. Set a large pan filled with about 2 tablespoons of oil for every 1 cup of fries you want to cook over medium-high heat. When you see the oil start to shimmer, add the fries in a single layer. After about a minute, flip them over and allow them to cook for half a minute to a minute longer.

By heating up fries with oil in a skillet, you produce something called the Maillard Reaction: This happens when high heat transforms proteins and sugars in food, creating the browning effect that gives fried foods their sought-after color, texture, and taste.

After your fries are nice and crisp, pull them out of the pan with tongs or a spatula, set them on a paper towel to absorb excess oil, and sprinkle them with salt. Now all you need is a perfect burger to feel like you’re eating a restaurant-quality meal at home.

[h/t The Kitchn]

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