Morning Cup of Links: The Mystery Apartment

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Mystery on Fifth Avenue. When he remodeled an apartment for a family, the architect included a scavenger hunt and puzzle in his work.
Fun Facts About Star Wars. Han Solo was originally an alien with gills, and Luke Skywalker was going to be an elderly general!
Retro Sabotage has expanded to 20 games. Have fun exploring the differences in these classic arcade games.
Welcome Back, Clinton. A great joke that was spoiled by circumstances, but enjoy the video anyway.
12 Creative Table Designs. Too bad you don't need twelve tables in one house!
The Case for Re-Regulating The Airline Industry. All you need to see is the state it's in after 30 years of free market competition.
People you didn't expect to have tattoos. Tats are neither as new or as outre as some would have you believe.

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June 12, 2008 - 10:48pm
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