Morning Cup of Links: Famous Conjoined Twins

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Comic actor Harvey Korman died yesterday after a long and distinguished career in TV and movies. Here are some clips of his work.
Seven Famous Sets of Conjoined Twins. Such twins would find it difficult to not be famous.
50 Mostly Immature and Hurtful Ways to Leave Your Lover. What goes around, comes around, so choose wisely.
Ten Clever Furniture Designs from Recycled Materials. Chic, environmentally-friendly, and no doubt very expensive.
A new study says Stonehenge was a cemetery hundred of years before the stones were erected. 5,000 years later, it's still the fanciest graveyard ever.
How to dice an onion. If you have a big sharp knife and a nice cutting board.
Updating the 'Divine Comedy'. This vision of a skateboard punk Dante wandering through a Hell, Purgatory and Heaven is at once funny, fascinating and retains enough of the original story's gravitas to work as literature, as well.

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May 29, 2008 - 10:12pm
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