Morning Cup of Links: Penetrating Brain Injuries

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A roundup of unusual penetrating brain injuries. With properly horrifying x-rays.
20 Common Cooking Ingredients that Act Like Medicines. As if we needed an excuse to eat garlic and onions.
The Secret History of Star Wars. An ebook about how the story came to be.
What would you do with the last seconds of your life? Would you be able to enjoy the ride, when the last stop is in sight? Watch the animated video Fallen.
The problem with online dating is the lack of real interaction. Virtual dating before meeting someone in person may be the next wave.
In the first point and click game, you try to save your world from a space collision. In the second game, you must find a lost dog. And if you're familiar with Samorost, you know it's much more than that.
Dungeons and Dollhouses. It takes talent and patience to construct these intricately detailed houses based on literary fantasies.

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May 22, 2008 - 10:04pm
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