Morning Cup of Links: Those Laid-back Icelanders

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Why Iceland has the happiest people on Earth. The secret is a laid-back attitude and few hangups.
A best-of list you never want to be a part of: The 21 Best Mugshots Evar. The guy at #1 already has fanfiction written about him.
Invasive Zebra Mussels are keeping California boaters out of the water. No, the mussels don't care, but authorities don't want the little buggers hitching a ride to our waters.
Can you name all the US states in ten minutes? Spelling counts, but the map makes it easy. I did it in 3:45, rather slow because I don't touch type. If you want to try it without a map, go here.
What can you do when you have to load your bobcat on a truck and you have no ramp? Watch and learn from a master.
An account of going from average to Superman in 16 weeks with the help of steroids. This is actually a horror story.
Make your own rock candy! The recipe is right here, courtesy of Jason's father-in-law.

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May 18, 2008 - 10:29pm
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