Morning Cup of Links: Is it Burma or Myanmar?

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How news organizations decide whether a country's name change is legitimate. On the Burma/Myanmar question, both newspapers and countries are divided over whether to recognize the switcheroo.
High Maintenance. A jarring film about one possible future of male-female relationships.
A look at a few parasites and their horrifying habits. Not for the squeamish.
A tortoise chases a tomato. This cute little guy knows what's good.
How to Love a Lego Lunatic. A ten point system for dealing with your significant other's obsession.
Bees don't have the sense of smell that they used to. Could air pollution be the cause of colony collapse disorder?
Our love is like a roller coaster... Roller coaster terms really do describe some facets of human relationships.

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May 11, 2008 - 10:53pm
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