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The Weird Week ending April 4th

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The Running of the Sheep

The town of Te Kuiti, New Zealand staged their own version of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, with one difference -they used sheep! Nearly two thousand sheep ran through the streets on Sunday. The event drew crowds of tourists and locals to Te Kuiti, where sheep farmers have been dealing with the effects of a drought for the last few months.

Underwater Ironing Record Set150_ironing.jpg

A group of 72 Australian scuba divers have taken "extreme ironing" to new heights by setting a record for underwater ironing. The group took their linens and their irons (sans cords) into the 3 meter deep ocean off the coast of Melbourne. The previous record for underwater ironing was a group of 70 who ironed in a pool in 2005. Saturday's event also raised money for an underwater conservation cause.

Burglar Plays Dead

Neighbors of the Crespo Funeral Home in Burjassot, Spain heard someone breaking in during the night and called police. The owners and police searched the mortuary and found a 23-year-old man lying in a glass case used for viewing deceased people during wakes. He was trying to play dead, but his everyday clothing gave him away. And he was breathing. The man's name has not been released.

150Joey.jpgDog Saves Joey

A four-month old kangaroo was in his mother's pouch when she was killed by a car in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. The unharmed joey would normally have died, but Rex the mixed-breed dog gently took the roo to his owner, Leonie Allan. The kangaroo was calm and even snuggled up with Rex. Now named Rex Jr, the joey is under the care of the Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary, and will be released at 18 months of age.

Diamond Thong

The Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong was the highlight of a lingerie fashion show in Singapore on Thursday. The front of the thong has 518 cut diamonds worth $122,000. Romanian model Danielle Luminita wore the thong as she was carried down the catwalk on the shoulders of two male models. The thong is not for sale, and will be put on display, after dry cleaning.

FSM Statue Erected at Tennessee Courthouse150_fsm-statue-front.jpg

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster installed a statue of the deity outside the Cumberland County Courthouse in Crossville, Tennessee. The group released a statement that says, in part:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a pile of noodles and meatballs, but it is meant to open up discussion and provoke thought. Being able to put up a statue is a celebration of our freedom as Americans; a freedom to be different, to express those differences, and to do it amongst neighbors -— even if it is in a noodley way.

The courthouse lawn has a variety of symbolic artwork from citizens and groups. See a video of the TV coverage.

Students Accused of Plagiarizing Honor Code

Students at the University of Texas at San Antonio produced an honor code to discourage cheating and plagiarizing. The draft was a direct copy of the honor code used by Brigham Young University, which is posted online. BYU cited their source, The Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson, but the Texas school did not. The project spanned several years, and was started by students who are no longer at the school. Akshay Thusu, the student now in charge of the project, said the code will have proper attribution by the time it is submitted to faculty.

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Someone Bought Hitler’s Boxers for $6700
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The public’s fascination with Adolf Hitler extends even to the underwear he wore. A pair of his monogrammed boxers was recently auctioned off for more than $6700, according to the International Business Times. The lucky new owner is an unnamed citizen who apparently does not want to be publicly associated with Hitler's drawers.

The undershorts, sold by Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland, were reportedly left behind after the dictator stayed at the Parkhotel Graz in Austria in April 1938. They may have been sent out for cleaning and then forgotten. (Sadly, this means we don't get to laugh at Hitler's skid marks.) The family who owned the hotel kept the underpants in pristine condition for almost 80 years. According to the IBTimes, the auctioneer who sold the boxers apparently screened potential buyers for any far-right political affiliations, ensuring that they would go to someone more interested in mocking the Führer's choice of butt-covering than paying tribute to the genocidal fascist.

The striped white linen is monogrammed with Hitler’s initials. The shorts are “surprisingly large,” according to the auction catalog, and they have loops sewn onto either side of the waistband that may have attached to the pants. Hitler was a notoriously shabby dresser, and liked to wear his clothing extra loose.

The fascination with the underpants of the Third Reich goes beyond just Hitler’s intimate apparel. The lacy underwear of his longtime mistress, Eva Braun, was sold for almost $4000 at a UK auction in November 2016. Maybe stamping out fascism requires the same technique as overcoming a fear of public speaking—you just have to imagine everyone in their underwear.

[h/t International Business Times]

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Take a Peek Inside One of Berlin's Strangest Museums
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Thomas Quine, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Vlad Korneev is a man with an obsession. He's spent years collecting technical and industrial objects from the last century—think iron lungs, World War II gas masks, 1930s fans, and vintage medical prostheses. At his Designpanoptikum in Berlin, which bills itself (accurately) as a "surreal museum of industrial objects," Korneev arranges his collection in fascinating, if disturbing, assemblages. (Atlas Obscura warns that it's "half design museum, half horror house of imagination.") Recently, the Midnight Archive caught up with Vlad for a special tour and some insight into the question visitors inevitably ask—"but what is it, really?" You can watch the full video below.


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