How Did You Know? - [Day 3]

The 5-day trivia hunt is back — and with a fresh, new look! For those who missed Monday's challenge, it's not too late. Be sure to solve it right over here. And don't forget yesterday's challenge "“ that one is right here.

The rules: Every day this week, I'll be presenting a specific challenge. Your job: come up with the answers and hold onto them! Why? Because on Friday, you'll need them to solve a short puzzle. The first person to email in the correct answers and successfully show how you arrived at them (thus the title: How Did You Know?) wins a choice of any t-shirt and book from our store.

As with last months How Did You Know?, I definitely encourage you to work in teams. Email your friends, send around each daily challenge, conspire, work together, whatever it takes to make sure you're armed with the right answers going into Friday's puzzle.

Today, I'm borrowing a bit from the TV show Camouflage. On the next page you'll find three rows of letters. Each row has a movie title buried in it. Your job is to eliminate the letters that don't belong, revealing the letters that spell the words in the movie titles.

As on the TV show, there's no need to move letters around. All the letters and all the words are in the right order in each row. All you have to do is see the trees for the forest. Again: all you have to do is remove the letters that don't belong. The words are all right in front of you, in the correct order.

Name the 3 Camouflaged Movie Titles




[ed note: there was a small error in the original graphical version of this challenge. we apologize if that confused anyone!]

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