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Science Fairs were the bane of my existence. At my Catholic school, the priest even once said during Mass, "... and the parents did a great job on their kid's science fair projects this year." Zing! Anyway, if you're looking to relive aspects of your childhood, this link to ridiculously funny science fair experiements made me laugh out loud and forget the pain. (Via

My boss is obsessed with IKEA and can spend hours there looking for just the right cabinet for our office space. Reader Edward has sent in this link about a man's experience living in IKEA. The video shorts are hilarious, especially the "Ikea word scrambles." What store have you dreamed of making your abode?

We sometimes live and die by our faithful animated heroes in video games. I'll even take it further and admit I used to have a crush on Link. But not all are fictitious friends are lovable - here's a list of the 15 most annoying characters in video games.

Anyone who's worked in an office or lived in a condo/co-op knows the plague of passive-aggressive notes and memos that occasionally paper one's desk or community bulletin board. PassiveAggressiveNotes makes it an art. Here's a great example of a particularly persnickety postscript.

Casting directors don't always get their big-name choices for a film. Sometimes that can be a very good thing. Here are a few times when second choice casting turned out to be first-rate.

Flossy reader Jane has helped me out of the winter doldrums by offering up two helpful vacation planning sites: (from PBS) and (from The Today Show) -- take a moment to wistfully plan a Roman Holiday you may never take, or use it for a real vacation I will probably be jealous of.

The Oscars are coming up, and so are the Razzies. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the Razzies celebrate the very worst in film from the previous year, handing out the gold-spray-painted, $4.89 statuettes. Today the winners will be announced! Check here for a list.

11 Interesting Photos that Look Photoshopped ... but aren't. The images may, however, be manipulated by lens and perspective. And believe it or not, that dog is real (read about it here).

For those of you in college or simply looking to do research (and not, like me, looking up "muscle dog" in the Google search), Weekend Links faithful Dail suggests you start with the New York Times Newsroom Navigator, the paper's own highly selective and constantly changing list of websites to help jump-start your info-gathering.

If only I had been so talented ... an animated wall drawing that is guaranteed to impress.

From Slate, the Poetry of Roger Clemens -- haikus taken from the congressional hearings. Want more baseball? Check out, where you can discuss at length Reed Johnson's facial hair, or write your own caption to Daisuke playing football.

Once again, special thanks to all who sent in links this week. I do appreciate your scouring -- keep it up! Remember that photos and shameless plugs are always welcome; otherwise I'll just keep pimping out my own stuff. Send all submissions and suggestions to Have a great weekend!

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What Koalas and Humans Have in Common

There's something strange about koala fingerprints. Read more bizarre koala facts here.

Don't Have Space For a Christmas Tree? Decorate a Pineapple Instead

Christmas trees aren't for everyone. Some people can't fit a fir inside their cramped abodes, while others are turned off by the expense, or by the idea of bugs hitchhiking their way inside. Fake trees are always an option, but a new trend sweeping Instagram—pineapples as mini-Christmas "trees"—might convince you to forego the forest vibe for a more tropical aesthetic.

As Thrillist reports, the pineapple-as-Christmas-tree idea appears to have originated on Pinterest before it, uh, ripened into a social media sensation. Transforming a pineapple into a Halloween “pumpkin” requires carving and tea lights, but to make the fruit festive for Christmas all one needs are lights, ornaments, swaths of garland, and any other tiny tchotchkes that remind you of the holidays. The final result is a tabletop decoration that's equal parts Blue Hawaii and Miracle on 34th Street.

In need of some decorating inspiration? Check out a variety of “Christmas tree” pineapples below.

[h/t Thrillist]


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