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The Weird Week ending February 15th

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Dog Walks 70 Miles Through War Zone

Major Brian Dennis adopted an abused mixed-breed dog in Anbar Province, Iraq. He named the dog Nubs because his ears had been cut off. Dennis nursed Nubs back to health over four months, but then he was ordered to move his squadron 70 miles away. Two days later, Nubs rejoined Dennis! The dog had tracked him down despite 18 degree weather and rough terrain. But the major received orders to get rid of the dog within four days or he would be shot. Dennis started an email campaign to save Nubs that raised three thousand dollars within a few days, and battled bureaucratic difficulties to get the dog out of Iraq across the Jordanian border. Nubs will be flown to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, where a fighter pilot will care for him until Dennis can come home.

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Wipes Out150weiner.jpg

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile spun out on snow-covered route 15 near Mansfield, Pennsylvania Sunday and landed in a ditch. The two 22-year-olds in the vehicle knew they were in hot water when they hit an icy patch, but they weren't hotdogging. It was not an experience they would relish, but they are none the wurst for wear.

Cat Pulls a Fast One on Florida Firefighters

Firefighters in Weston, Florida spent an hour in the rain Tuesday trying to rescue a kitten from the undercarriage of a Volvo. They jacked up the car and removed the wheel, but the kitten kept moving deeper into the car. The cat left the car on its own, and the firefighters spent another hour trying to find it. When they left the scene, they responded to a couple more calls before returning to the fire station. Five hours later, they found the kitten -in the wheelwell of the fire truck! It took three people and a firehose to extract the cat, who was dirty but unharmed.

150_bodybuilder.jpgWorld's Smallest Bodybuilder

Indian bodybuilder Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is only 2' 9" and weighs only 20 pounds, but it's all muscle. He spends hours every day working out with trainer Ranjeet Pal in his hometown of Phagwara. The 19-year-old is aiming for an international entertainment career after performing in many local TV shows.

British Officials Paid for Public Housing Exorcism

Residents of state housing in Easington, England were so distressed about unusual occurances that they were ready to leave and become homeless. The housing council agreed to pay half of a psychic ghosthunter's fee of 120 pounds ($235) to clear the premises. Psychic Suzanne Hadwin said she used her Russian spirit guide and the help of angels to rid the house of evil.

Naked Cowboy Sues Over Singing M&M150Naked.jpg

The Naked Cowboy of Times Square has filed a $6 million lawsuit against Mars. Robert Burk says the candy maker stole his image for a massive video billboard featuring an M&M wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and briefs.

"All I've got is my underwear. It's the most brilliant thing that's ever been created from a marketing perspective. You can't stop it," said Burck, 37, who said he filed suit on the advice of lawyers and trademark experts.

Bodybuilders Pluck Car from Ditch

A group of ten bodybuilders were training at the Explosives gym in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany when a car ran into a 6-foot deep ditch nearby. Together, they lifted the car out with their bare hands in just a few minutes. The grateful driver treated the strongmen to a round of energy drinks at the fitness studio bar.

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Master Sgt. Rose Reynolds, U.S. Air Force, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
How the U-2 Aircraft Made Area 51 Synonymous With UFOs
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Master Sgt. Rose Reynolds, U.S. Air Force, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Area 51 may be the world’s most famous secret military base. Established on an abandoned airfield in the Nevada desert, the facility has fueled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists scanning the skies for UFOs for decades. But the truth about Area 51’s origins, while secretive, isn’t as thrilling as alien autopsies and flying saucers.

According to Business Insider, the U.S. government intended to build a base where they could test a top-secret military aircraft without drawing attention from civilians or spies. That aircraft, the U-2 plane, needed to fly higher than any other manmade object in the skies. That way it could perform recon missions over the USSR without getting shot down.

Even over the desert, the U-2 didn’t go completely undetected during test flights. Pilots who noticed the craft high above them reported it as an “unidentified flying object.” Not wanting to reveal the true nature of the project, Air Force officials gave flimsy explanations for the sightings pointing to either natural phenomena or weather research. UFO believers were right to think the government was covering something up, they were just wrong about the alien part.

You can get the full story in the video below.

[h/t Business Insider]

For Sale: A Clown-Themed Motel in Nevada

Creepy clown sightings are no longer a trending news topic, but the craze is still arguably alive and well in Tonopah, Nevada. The former mining town is home to a circus-inspired roadside motel, located next to a 100-year-old cemetery—and as KLAS-TV reports, the inn is up for sale.

Owner Bob Perchetti—who, not surprisingly, loves clowns—founded the Clown Motel around 20 years ago, after retiring from his state tourism job. The hotelier decorated the motel’s office with more than 600 clown figurines, posters, and toys, and he even hung pictures of the comical figures in the guest rooms, right above the beds.

Word of the quirky inn spread, and it soon became a famous roadside attraction. Those afraid of clowns dubbed it the scariest motel in the U.S. Some guests have even reportedly claimed to have spotted clown-shaped figures passing by their windows at night, or hovering over their beds.

But after two decades of spooking road-trippers, Perchetti has decided to retire from the workforce for good. He plans to sell the motel for around $900,000, and hopes to find a buyer who will keep its clown heritage intact.

Perchetti says he'll miss the inn, and his many red-nosed companions. "Oh, I'm going to miss the clowns," Perchetti told KLAS-TV. "I'm going to come back. I'm going to come back and visit my clowns."

Check out some pictures of the Clown Motel below:

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

[h/t KLAS-TV]


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