6 Less-Than-Helpful Infographics

Just as we once preferred picture books to boring word-only books, we as a society like our information doled out in bite-sized, highly graphic form. The infographic may be at the height of its popularity as a means of communication -- admit it, it's the first thing you look at in USA Today -- but just because we're addicted to them doesn't mean they're always the best method of conveying an idea. Here are six infographics we found downright dumbfounding.

1. Infographics may be the most popular thing since sliced bread, but that doesn't mean we need an infographic about sliced bread.
I don't know about you, but I prefer bread for the happy energy its memorable smell provides ... huh? Must've been a slow news day.

2. Popular suicide spots on the Golden Gate Bridge
From the San Francisco Chronicle, this is probably the most bizarre and depressing infographic we've seen. It just doesn't jibe with the happy-go-lucky nature of most infographics (see sliced-bread-related infographic above). For a larger and more readable version, click here. Just stay away from the bridge, people; you've got your whole lives ahead of you.

3. The plagues at a glance
Okay, this one's actually pretty darn cool. From a much larger infographic about the Passover Seder, this odd little corner is a quickie guide to all of God's favorite plagues.

4. Another gem from USA Todayyellowbracelets.jpg

5. Iraq "visual language survival guide"
From Boingboing comes this gem, not exactly an infographic, yet both informational and graphic at the same time. Intended for use by soldiers and private contractors in Iraq, it's an unsettling little chart which pretty much explains itself -- and I guess that's the point. Come to think of it, I imagine this one is pretty helpful.

6. The Onion sums it upStatshot-Americas-Most.jpg
This absurd graphic says it all.

What Koalas and Humans Have in Common

There's something strange about koala fingerprints. Read more bizarre koala facts here.

Don't Have Space For a Christmas Tree? Decorate a Pineapple Instead

Christmas trees aren't for everyone. Some people can't fit a fir inside their cramped abodes, while others are turned off by the expense, or by the idea of bugs hitchhiking their way inside. Fake trees are always an option, but a new trend sweeping Instagram—pineapples as mini-Christmas "trees"—might convince you to forego the forest vibe for a more tropical aesthetic.

As Thrillist reports, the pineapple-as-Christmas-tree idea appears to have originated on Pinterest before it, uh, ripened into a social media sensation. Transforming a pineapple into a Halloween “pumpkin” requires carving and tea lights, but to make the fruit festive for Christmas all one needs are lights, ornaments, swaths of garland, and any other tiny tchotchkes that remind you of the holidays. The final result is a tabletop decoration that's equal parts Blue Hawaii and Miracle on 34th Street.

In need of some decorating inspiration? Check out a variety of “Christmas tree” pineapples below.

[h/t Thrillist]


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