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10 Alternative Electronic Gifts (for those who can't find a Wii)

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Nintendo knew three months ago there would be a Christmas shortage of the Wii game system. Of course they were right, since they are the ones who place orders from the factory. What to do? Maybe this list will help, full of electronic gadgets and toys that may distract the giftee from the fact that he won't find his heart's desire under the tree this Christmas. Or at least baffle him for a while.

1. Radio Control Bugs

The Discovery Channel Store is offering a radio-controlled insect with three interchangable exoskeletons- a Rhinoceros Beetle, Hissing Cockroach and Hercules Beetle. Make your bug move in forward and reverse with a remote control shaped like a stick.

2. USB Doomsday Device Hub

Activate your Doomsday Device with three switches; one requires a key. The red button under a plastic shield controls the doom (with appropriate sound effects). According to the product description, no one knows what really happens when it goes off, but this is a USB hub that no one will mess with!

More wacky gadgets and cool toys, after the jump.

3. WiFi Detector Shirt

The WiFi detector shirt has glowing bars that show you the WiFi signl strength of your location without the hassle of opening your laptop for a try. This will be as handy to wear traveling as the Traveler's Phrasebook T-Shirt. No word yet on how airport security will react.

4. Infrared Micro Tanks

Imagine remote-contol miniature Lazer Tag. These little tanks fire infrared beams at each other. When a sensor is "hit", the tank will spin crazily in a circle. After five hits, the tank is disabled. A perfect gift for competitive brothers or friends.

5. Floating Globe

It's the Amazing Anti-gravity Levitating Globe! It's powered by magnets, and you can make it rotate in either direction or stand still. You can also get other objects to levitate.

6. The Flying Alarm Clock

This will seem so cool until the time comes to actually use it. The Flying Alarm Clock features rotors that shoot into the air (up to nine feet!) when the alarm goes off. The alarm cannot be stopped until the rotors are found and replacced on the clock. Cool, but oh-so-useful for those who tend to hit the snooze button.

7. Tooth Tunes

Tooth Tunes, the musical toothbrush plays a two-minute music clip that is carried through the jawbone to the inner ear, encouraging kids to brush for the length of the song (about two minutes). Selections unfortunately do not include Vivldi, but music from the Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and the like, but there is only song per toothbrush. The upside of that is that kids will realize immediately if they are using their sibling's brush. Eww!

8. Electric Plane Launcher Kit

The Electric Plane Launcher is an accessory every paper-airplane-maker should have, and you can build your own with this kit. You'll be able to launch paper airplanes at up to 50 kph! It comes with a slew of parts, batteries not included.

9. Toilet Tunes

Toilet Tunes is your bathroom privacy insurance. Attach the sensor to the toilet lid, and put the speaker anywhere you want inthe nathroom. Every time you lift the lid, music plays to cover any embarrassing sounds. Order now and get a spa pillow free!

10. Remote-Control Hand

Like Thing on The Addams Family, this disembodied hand can crawl across the floor on its fingers. Can be a conversation starter, or possibly a way to rid your home of unwanted visitors.

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Opening Ceremony
These $425 Jeans Can Turn Into Jorts
May 19, 2017
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Opening Ceremony

Modular clothing used to consist of something simple, like a reversible jacket. Today, it’s a $425 pair of detachable jeans.

Apparel retailer Opening Ceremony recently debuted a pair of “2 in 1 Y/Project” trousers that look fairly peculiar. The legs are held to the crotch by a pair of loops, creating a disjointed C-3PO effect. Undo the loops and you can now remove the legs entirely, leaving a pair of jean shorts in their wake. The result goes from this:


Opening Ceremony

To this:


Opening Ceremony

The company also offers a slightly different cut with button tabs in black for $460. If these aren’t audacious enough for you, the Y/Project line includes jumpsuits with removable legs and garter-equipped jeans.

[h/t Mashable]

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This First-Grade Math Problem Is Stumping the Internet
May 17, 2017
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If you’ve ever fantasized about how much easier life would be if you could go back to elementary school, this math problem may give you second thoughts. The question first appeared on a web forum, Mashable reports, and after recently resurfacing, it’s been perplexing adults across social media.

According to the original poster AlmondShell, the bonus question was given to primary one, or first grade students, in Singapore. It instructs readers to “study the number pattern” and “fill in the missing numbers.” The puzzle, which comprises five numbers and four empty circles waiting to be filled in, comes with no further explanation.

Some forum members commented with their best guesses, while others expressed disbelief that this was a question on a kid’s exam. Commenter karrotguy illustrates one possible answer: Instead of looking for complex math equations, they saw that the figure in the middle circle (three) equals the amount of double-digit numbers in the surrounding quadrants (18, 10, 12). They filled out the puzzle accordingly.

A similar problem can be found on the blog of math enthusiast G.R. Burgin. His solution, which uses simple algebra, gets a little more complicated.

The math tests given to 6- and 7-year-olds in other parts of the world aren’t much easier. If your brain isn’t too worn out after the last one, check out this maddening problem involving trains assigned to students in the UK.

[h/t Mashable]