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8 Awesome Videogame Quilts

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I love the concept of combining the old and the new. Quilting is an oh-so-useful craft that goes back hundreds of years. Recycling scraps of fabric to make a sturdy bedcover has been elevated to an art form. It seems anachronistic at first glance, but 8-bit pixelated arcade game icons lend themselves well to the design of patchwork quilts.

1. Galaga Quilt

Emily at Carolina Patchworks made this quilt depicting the arcade game Galaga. It's for sale at Etsy.

2. Quiltbert


Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist adapted the traditional "tumbling blocks" quilt pattern and made a pieced quilt based on the videogame Q*bert!

3. Mega Man


Mega Man is just one of Punzie's videogame designs for quilts and pillows. You can buy them through her Etsy store, Rapunzel's Tower, but she connot guarantee Christmas delivery on new orders now.

4. Pacman


The maker of this Pacman quilt posted at Kotaku isn't identified, but you can click for a closer view at the site. It seems to be a counted cross-stitch project!

5. Super Mario


Marie at DIY-namite made this Super Mario quilt from two-inch squares ...a lot of them. She shares the instructions in two parts, here and here. See more pictures of the project at Flickr.

6. Mario mushroom quilt


Flickr user 3j0hn pieced together two-inch squares to make a Mario Mushroom quilt!

7. Space Invaders


Here you see Craftster rainbowmeow working on her Space Invaders quilt. It was her first quilt, and turned out wonderfully.

8. Zelda quilt


Quilters are not limited to 8-bit icons! This awesome Zelda Wind Waker wallhanging was quilted by AGiES' mother over several months. She even hand-dyed some of the fabrics!

If anyone knows of a World of Warcraft quilt, I'd like to see it!

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This Just In
Mattel Unveils New Uno Edition for Colorblind Players
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On the heels of International Colorblind Awareness Day, Mattel, which owns Uno, announced it would be unveiling a colorblind-friendly edition of the 46-year-old card game.

The updated deck is a collaboration with ColorADD, a global organization for colorblind accessibility and education. In place of its original color-dependent design, this new Uno will feature a small symbol next to each card's number that corresponds with its intended primary color.

As The Verge points out, Mattel is not actually the first to invent a card game for those with colorblindness. But this inclusive move is still pivotal: According to Fast Co. Design, Uno is currently the most popular noncollectible card game in the world. And with access being extended to the 350 million people globally and 13 million Americans who are colorblind, the game's popularity is sure to grow.

Mattel unveils color-friendly Uno deck

[h/t: The Verge

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Lightning-Fast Teen Sets New Rubik’s Cube World Record
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In less time than it takes some people to open a pickle jar, 15-year-old Patrick Ponce can solve a Rubik’s Cube. His total time of 4.69 seconds makes him the new holder of the world record for fastest 3-by-3 Rubik’s Cube completion, as highlighted by Compete (and seen in the video below).

Ponce achieved the impressive feat of dexterity at a tournament in Middletown, Virginia, on September 2. He takes the title from the previous Rubik’s Cube speed record holder, Feliks Zemdegs, who solved the puzzle in 4.73 seconds at a competition in Australia in December 2016.

But the teenager may not hold his new position at the top for very long: Expert Rubik's Cubers have been steadily lowering the speed record beneath the 5-second mark since 2015. And human competitors still have a long way to go before solving a cube in 0.887 seconds—that’s the record that was set by a robot in March of 2017.

[h/t Compete]


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