Weekend Genius Challenge Winners!

"Well done!" to all those who partipated in our latest Weekend Genius Challenge. It took some time to dig up the 40 presidential names that were scattered in the anagrams in our list (and the two "leftovers"), but the first to do so correctly was Mike Jackson. Congratulations!

Click here if you missed the puzzle and wish to try it yourself. And if you didn't win this time, don't worry. We'll put up a new Weekend Genius Challenge on Saturday, October 20. Join us then!

The correct answers:

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. George Herbert Walker Bush
3. James Buchanan
4. Zachary Taylor
5. Andrew Johnson
6. Millard Fillmore
7. Rutherford Birchard Hayes
8. Gerald Rudolph Ford
9. William Henry Harrison
10. Franklin Pierce
11. James Abram Garfield
12. Benjamin Harrison
13. Andrew Jackson
14. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
15. James Calvin Coolidge
16. George Walker Bush
17. William McKinley
18. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
19. John Adams
20. William Howard Taft
21. Warren Gamaliel Harding
22. William Jefferson Clinton
23. Harry S. Truman
24. James Monroe
25. Lyndon Baines Johnson
26. Martin Van Buren
27. Thomas Jefferson
28. John Quincy Adams
29. James Madison
30. Herbert Clark Hoover
31. James Earl Carter
32. George Washington
33. Grover Cleveland
34. Richard Milhous Nixon
35. Thomas Woodrow Wilson
36. Ulysses Simpson Grant
37. Chester Alan Arthur
38. Theodore Roosevelt
39. Dwight David Eisenhower
40. Ronald Wilson Reagan
And the two leftovers: James Knox Polk and John Tyler.

Gasp... Is This the End of the Weekend Genius Challenge?

It's been a struggle to come up with mental exercises that are difficult enough for the many, many brilliant folks who read mental_floss and visit It's difficult to develop puzzles that are (1) safe from Web searches, but (2) not impossible to solve. After seeing many difficult contests won in a matter of minutes, I'm taking this weekend off to reassess the Weekend Genius Challenge.

We get the most entries in creative-type challenges... having you write haikus using the two words from the ReCaptcha service, asking you to tell us where the "lost" hour went during Daylight Saving Time, and so forth. So we're considering going that route for future WGCs. What do you think? Ideas, suggestions, and comments are more than welcome. In fact, if you'll kindly take the time to chime in, we'll pick a random comment and send the responsible party the mental_floss T-shirt of his or her choice. Thanks in advance.

In the meantime, we'll continue to do Brain Games on a daily basis, with puzzles of varying description each weekday. And we'll have results for the last two WGCs in a day or two. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Weekend Genius Challenge #30: Unwritten Rules

We got SO many entries for last week's WGC that it may take us the rest of the weekend to sort through all the responses... but we'll choose a winner before Monday arrives. In the meantime, since you all seem to enjoy being creative, let's give away another T-shirt by unleashing Weekend Genius Challenge #30!

Many "unwritten rules" guide our planet. Here are a few I've jotted down over the years:

1. All really good architects must go by three names.

2. The number of leaves that end up in your yard in the fall has more to do with your neighbor's trees than your own.

3. During trip to a restaurant with someone else, when you ask for two orders of fries, both orders will be incredibly large and too much to eat. But the next time you go to that restaurant with someone else and ask for only a single order of fries -- thinking it will be enough to share -- the order will be incredibly small.

Your job is to fill us in on the "unwritten rules" that you've experienced in life. The mind behind the one we vote best will win a T-shirt of his or her choice from our online store. REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT: To be absolutely clear, your entries should have nothing to do with identity, race, color, religion, sexual preference, political preference, physical or mental issues, or anything bordering that. In other words, don't direct them towards any person or group of people who might possibly take offense. So be smart. Play nice. Sit up straight. And tell your sister you love her.

Also, please remember that all comments will be moderated before they're released, so it may take a while for them to appear on the site. Enter as many times as you like, but please put each entry in a separate comment. Good luck!


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