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It's the greatest deal in the history of history books! Our first hardback, The Mental Floss History of the World: An Irreverent Romp Through History's Best Bits, hits stores later this month and we're so excited that we've teamed up with the fine folks at to give you a special deal. Pre-order the book before October 28th and we'll throw in 6 FREE MONTHS of mental_floss magazine!

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Of course, with a special this special, you might have questions. Like: Can you add the free subscription to your existing subscription? Can you keep the book but send the subscription to a friend? Are we the nicest magazine ever? The short answer to all of these is yes; longer answers are below. Be sure to order today before the deal disappears"¦


Can I add the 6-month free subscription to my existing subscription?

Yes! We'll happily tack on 6 free months (3 additional issues) to your current subscription. Once you've bought the book and clicked for the deal at Amazon, you'll be signed up. On November 1st, you'll get an e-mail from Amazon with a special code to redeem your 6-month subscription.  Simply make sure that you enter your name and address EXACTLY as it appears on your magazine's mailing label, and it will get added to your current subscription.

Can I keep the book, but send the subscription to a friend, or vice versa?

Yes! Amazon makes this easy. Simply send the book wherever you'd like (keep it, or send it to someone else). Then, once Amazon mails you the special code, just specify where you'd like to send the subscription. If you want to send it to a friend, feel free. If you'd like to hoard both, you're more than welcome to do that, too.

Can I see inside this book?

Yes! HarperCollins is making it simple. Just click here to get a sneak peek.

Does this free magazine deal apply only to U.S. subscriptions?

Yes. Unfortunately, we can only send the free subscriptions to addresses within the United States.

Does this deal really end on October 28th?

Sadly, yes. This whopper of a deal only applies to pre-orders.

Do you have any History of the World content at for me to peruse?

Yes! Every day in October we'll be highlighting fascinating content from the book and creating fun quizzes to help you love history as much as we do. Just look for it here.

Is mental_floss magazine really that good?

Picture 5.pngYes! Newsweek calls it "A smart (-alecky) read." The Washington Post calls it "delightfully eccentric and eclectic." And it's been praised everywhere from the LA Times to the Wall Street Journal. This year we've tackled How to Get into Heaven (a travel guide for the afterlives of various religions), The Secret Lives of Presidents (who knew that Nixon proposed to his wife on their first meeting, then drove her around on dates with other people for the next few years?), and The Search for the Next Einstein (mind-blowing inventions from the world's best scientists). And all that's coupled with fascinating science stories, incredible bios, evocative arts features, and a spinning the globe section that's chock full of lush photos and vivid travel stories. If you love to learn, this magazine's made for you.

And if I have other questions?

Yes, we figured you might! Just write us at, and we'll get right back to you.

New AI-Driven Music System Analyzes Tracks for Perfect Playlists

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or recovering from a breakup, a well-curated playlist makes all the difference. If you don't have time to pick the perfect songs manually, services that use the AI-driven system Sonic Style may be able to figure out exactly what you have in mind based on your request.

According to Fast Company, Sonic Style is the new music-categorizing service from the media and entertainment data provider Gracenote. There are plenty of music algorithms out there already, but Sonic Style works a little differently. Rather than listing the entire discography of a certain artist under a single genre, the AI analyzes individual tracks. It considers factors like the artist's typical genre and the era the song was recorded in, as well as qualities it can only learn through listening, like tempo and mood. Based on nearly 450 descriptors, it creates a super-accurate "style profile" of the track that makes it easier for listeners to find it when searching for the perfect song to fit an occasion.

Playlists that use data from Sonic Style feel like they were made by a person with a deep knowledge of music rather than a machine. That's thanks to the system's advanced neural network. It also recognizes artists that don't fit neatly into one genre, or that have evolved into a completely different music style over their careers. Any service—including music-streaming platforms and voice-activated assistants—that uses Gracenote's data will be able to take advantage of the new technology.

With AI at your disposal, all you have to do as the listener is decide on a style of music. Here are some ideas to get you started if you want a playlist for productivity.

[h/t Fast Company]

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