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Have A Baby, Win A Car

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Tomorrow is a big day in central Russia. From CNN:

"Gov. Sergei Morozov has decreed Sept. 12 a Day of Conception and is giving couples time off from work to procreate. Couples who give birth nine months later on Russia's national day "“ June 12 "“ will receive money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes."

Providing procreation incentives is common practice for areas in the midst of a demographic crisis. Here are some other deals offered to the child-bearing masses:

Elsewhere in Russia: The region of Ahtubinsk has offered young couples a new house if they could prove they were fertile and not alcoholics, and had three children in five years.

Quebec: If mothers give birth within five years of graduation, the government will pay half their college loans. Quebec has also promised to enact a four-day workweek for parents with young children. It offers baby bonuses of $500 for the first child, $1,000 for the second and $7,500 for third and subsequent children, and will offer interest free loans of up to $5,000 to purchase a home.

Japan: The farm town of Yamatsuri pays parents $9,200 per birth — $4,600 three months after the baby is born, and the rest over 10 years.

: French parents have it good. Perks include three-year paid parental leave with guaranteed job protection; universal, full-time preschool starting at age three; subsidized daycare before age three; stipends for in-home nannies; and monthly childcare allowances that increase with the number of children per family.

Germany: A parent who leaves the workforce after a child is born will be paid two-thirds of his or her net wage, up to a maximum $2,375 per month. One parent can claim 12 months, or the benefit can be split between two parents for 14 months.

Cyprus: The government of Cyprus has proposed giving couples the equivalent of $46,000 U.S. dollars for having a third child.

If you're the product of a birth incentive program "“ or just know of one "“ tell us about it.

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Dive into the world of Shark, a new book by award-winning photographer Brian Skerry.

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Hamilton Broadway
A Hamilton-Themed Cookbook is Coming
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Hamilton Broadway

Fans of Broadway hit Hamilton will soon be able to dine like the Founding Fathers: As Eater reports, a new Alexander Hamilton-inspired cookbook is slated for release in fall 2017.

Cover art for Laura Kumin's forthcoming cookbook

Called The Hamilton Cookbook: Cooking, Eating, and Entertaining in Hamilton’s World, the recipe collection by author Laura Kumin “takes you into Hamilton’s home and to his table, with historical information, recipes, and tips on how you can prepare food and serve the food that our founding fathers enjoyed in their day,” according to the Amazon description. It also recounts Hamilton’s favorite dishes, how he enjoyed them, and which ingredients were used.

Recipes included are cauliflower florets two ways, fried sausages and apples, gingerbread cake, and apple pie. (Cue the "young, scrappy, and hungry" references.) The cookbook’s official release is on November 21—but until then, you can stave off your appetite for all things Hamilton-related by downloading the musical’s new app.


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