The Most Dazzling Camouflage Ever

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I love history, but I've never been into military history. Battles seem to get muddled in my mind, and I have no real interest in specific campaigns nor the weapons used. That said, I was stunned when I first saw these pics of dazzle camouflage. Apparently, the World War I camouflage scheme (also called Razzle Dazzle) wasn't used to hide ships, but instead to confuse naval artillery, since the patterns made it hard to estimate a ship's distance and speed (both necessary to sink your battleship). It's fascinating to me that it even worked! And while the patterns added a temporary bit of art and flair to the armed forces, the introduction of radar a few years later soon made the scheme obsolete. More at Wikipedia.


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June 5, 2007 - 5:27am
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