Lost in Translation Stumper

It's been a very long time indeed since one of us posted a stumper. Speaking for all us bloggers, we don't really have a good excuse, I'm sure, other than with all our new quizzes, we forgot about the poor stumpers. If you recall, we've had a few Geo Stumpers and Song Stumpers and Celluloid Stumpers to date. So today I thought I'd throw out a new one: the Lost in Translation Stumper. First person to make sense of the below rhyme and tell us what it means, gets a virtual hi-five.

(Hint: Even those without a formidable command of French should be able to figure it out.)

Un petite d'un petite s'attendre vol.
Un petite d'un petite a d'egrait vol.
Al de kien souer c'est, et al de kiens mien,
Que dont peut un petite deux g'edeur a'gien.

YouTube // Physics Girl
Can You Solve the Boat Puzzle?
YouTube // Physics Girl
YouTube // Physics Girl

Ah, logic puzzles. Sometimes they seem so simple. Generally those are the times I get the answer wrong.

In this puzzle video, YouTube's Dianna Cowern (aka Physics Girl) poses a thought experiment: You're in a boat floating in a lake, holding a rock. You toss the rock out of the boat, into the water. What happens to the water level? Does the water level rise, fall, or stay the same?

As I mentioned above, this is one where I was extremely confident (and incorrect) in my answer. What's great about Cowern's answer is that she walks us through a methodology to figure out these kinds of problems, then gives us more puzzles to try. Learn up:

Note: This is one of those rare cases where the YouTube comments contain several substantive discussions (though they're still YouTube comments, so...beware).


I thought I'd try a different format for the old stumper feature. Today you'll be filling in the blanks, finishing sentences in this classic song lyric. Actually, it's from some patter that goes between verses of the song. But that's the only hint I'll drop.

As always, if you even think of searching online, you'll not only be disqualified, you'll be racked with guilt for days on end. And before the holidays, you need more guilt like you need another charge on your Amex.
So here we go. Fill in the blanks and name that song!

Not even a rhinoceros? ____(1)_______ How about a hippopotamus? Why, I'd thrash him from top to ______(2)_______! Supposin' you met an elephant? I'd wrap him up in _____(3)_______! What if it were a brontosaurus? I'd show him who was ________(4)_________!


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