While You File That Extension: Eggs Benedict

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It's National Eggs Benedict Day. And with all the poor dears coming out of the woodwork this weekend with tax debacles, I can't think of anything more soothing than the never underrated mucilage of Eggs Benedict. And in whose honor do we partake of this brunch heavyweight? Apparently, his name is Lemuel Benedict, and he woke up one morning in 1894 with a ripping hangover; naturally, he sought out a breakfast that might aspire to cure his condition. His low blood sugar made him extra creative, and soon he was dining on a beta version (no ham, just bacon; no muffins, just toast) of the Eggs B. at NYC's Waldorf Hotel. But a Bon Appetit article in 1978 dismissed Lemuel's role in the ontology of the dish, instead crediting a Mr. & Mrs. LeGrand Benedict who suggested it to the staff of Delmonico's...A couple of Benedicts later, and the saga continues here...

April 16, 2007 - 4:26pm
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