Daft Dave: Bush's cabinet

Daft Dave here again. If you missed my debut last week, check it out for a little background on my brief existence. Today, I was doing some research on all the positions in President Bush's present cabinet, though I think I screwed up somewhere along the way. First person to point out all the inaccuracies (without Googling, as always) gets Daft Dave bragging rights for the week!

  1. Secretary of Labor
  2. Secretary of Agriculture
  3. Secretary of the Interior
  4. Secretary of the Exterior
  5. Secretary of Commerce
  6. Secretary of Labor
  7. Secretary of Urban Development
  8. Secretary of State
  9. Secretary of Health
  10. Secretary of Energy
  11. Secretary of Education and Welfare
  12. Secretary of Defense
  13. Secretary of Human Services
  14. Secretary of Transportation
  15. Secretary of the Treasury
  16. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  17. Secretary of Homeland Security
  18. Secretary of Housing
Carlo Allegri, Getty Images
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Carlo Allegri, Getty Images
Carlo Allegri, Getty Images
Pop Culture
Mister Rogers Is Now a Funko Pop! and It’s Such a Good Feeling, a Very Good Feeling

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood for fans of Mister Rogers, as Funko has announced that, just in time for the 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the kindest soul to ever grace a television screen will be honored with a series of Funko toys, some of them limited-edition versions.

The news broke at the New York Toy Fair, where the pop culture-loving toy company revealed a new Pop Funko! in Fred Rogers’s likeness—he’ll be holding onto the Neighborhood Trolley—plus a Mister Rogers Pop! keychain and a SuperCute Plush.

In addition to the standard Pop! figurine, there will also be a Funko Shop exclusive version, in which everyone’s favorite neighbor will be wearing a special blue sweater. Barnes & Noble will also carry its own special edition, which will see Fred wearing a red cardigan and holding a King Friday puppet instead of the Neighborhood Trolley.


Barnes & Noble's special edition Mister Rogers Funko Pop!

Mister Rogers’s seemingly endless supply of colored cardigans was an integral part of the show, and a sweet tribute to his mom (who knitted all of them). But don’t go running out to snatch up the whole collection just yet; Funko won’t release these sure-to-sell-out items until June 1, but you can pre-order your Pop! on Amazon right now.


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