The Road to Paved with Wild Boars

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I'm in Maui right now--a first-timer to the islands--and wishing I could go back in time & add my name to the list of Punahou alums (but then I'd no longer be in the company of Jewel). I wanted to take a simple trip to the Southeast (about the distance from Detroit to Ann Arbor), neglecting to realize I was embarking upon the beautiful, perilous Road to Hana. I was driven off the road by locals (strapping men toting strapping men in truck beds) only twice, and greeted along the way by a cavalcade of roosters, hens, kittens, and wild boars. My camping plans were precluded by a pile of falling rocks, but that just allowed more time to loiter in the GMO-free organic farm glens of Kipahulu--very Tuck Everlasting! While I watched children frolic in the cane and mint fields, I read up on the latest cases against all things GMO, in which I learned of the solidarity from the Zapatista community--they've got dibs on GMO-free corn seeds, and the proceeds benefit Chiapas schools. All this back-to-the-land cooperation is heartening, surely, but now I go sheepishly back to tightening my gas cap...

March 19, 2007 - 10:29am
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