Spend every waking moment flipping through YouTubes, like The Hunter does for you, and patterns start to emerge. Grand Unifying Themes. See, a YouTube might be produced in isolation, but when you post it in with a community of others, they link together, they help to take the cultural temperature, they tell us things about ourselves we might not have known otherwise.  More than anything so far, YouTubes impart this singular truth: we love us some indignity. Bloopers, flub-ups, gaffes, rakes in the face--it don't matter, so long as someone's feeling demoralized by the end. And it's democratic, too, since the highest among us are far more susceptible to widespread embarrassment. Call it the Celebration of Shame, and once Google figures out a way to make some money off the site, it'll become the commodification of it.

But The Hunter doesn't want to shake you up and get all herky-jerky in your head; he just wants to entertain. So, here, for your viewing pleasure, four YouTubes that peddle in indignity.

First up on our tour d'embarrasment: David Caruso, natch. This is insanely long, and although you get the point rather quickly, the Roger Daltrey scream and the allure of even more Caruso is enough to keep you hanging around.

More disturbing YouTube videos after the break!

And now, a bartender using an unsuspecting anus as a beer opener:

This is a fake Mastercard ad that is done surprisingly well. Who among us cannot relate to this young gentleman's plight?