Last week, in our first "Show Off Your Smarts!" challenge, you guys came up with some great movie facts. And I'm expecting even more this week. In case you missed it, here's the deal: I give you a topic and you respond in the comments section with an interesting related fact (feel free to share more than one).

This week's topic: Political Figures

We had to do something related to politics with folks flocking to the polls today. However, in the mental_floss spirit, please do not use this as an opportunity to share your political views. And as always, we love to hear facts about the quirky personalities of politicians in history, but you're not limited to that.

I'll get things started.
Did you know FDR was incredibly superstitious? Here are a few things he refused to do:
Light 3 cigarettes with the same match
Sit at a table for 13
Begin a trip on a Friday

Ironically, after FDR passed away, the funeral train that brought him home left Georgia on Friday the 13th. (fact from Secret Lives of The U.S. Presidents).

Okay, your turn. Make us all a little smarter! And if you know any history buffs, please send this along and ask them to contribute. Thanks!