I was milling about the Museum of Unusual Transport when I stumbled into a page full of crazy three-wheelers. Check 'em out!

a) the Police Bondage Tricycle-- If you were watching "COPS! The 1898 Edition" you might be familiar with one of these. While it sounds kinkier than it actually is, the bondage tricycle simply allowed for the quick and easy transport of criminals. Unlike the Big Wheels of your youth, though, this trike also came equipped with arm and leg restraints to lock offenders down.

b) the Giant 8-Man Tricycle-- Another 1898 creation, this trike used "Vim" tires to lug 8 people about town. This model apparently came with a captain.

c) the Rudge Rotary Tricycle-- developed in 1884, this strangely asymmetrical vehicle allowed for two people to pedal about town with ease.
d) the Elephant Tricycle-- I imagine it's only a couple of months before this pachyderm will get taunted by the others for not riding a 2-wheeler.
e) the Street Printing Tricycle: Clearly the design of a marketing genius, the street printing trike came with a large, gravity-fed ink supply, so that riders could print specials on streets via the printing blocks on their wheels.

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