I love Imelda Marcos, mainly as a punch line, but also because nothing seems to keep that awful woman down. For some reason I had no idea that the ridiculously graft-happy former first lady of the Philippines was out and about. In fact, I just assumed she was locked up behind bars, and completely inactive, but according to this Reuters article she's on the verge of launching a new line of shoes, bags and jewelry? Word on the street is that the Imelda Collection features low-cost, yet glitzy products, allowing the ever-charitable Marcos to put some bedazzled goodness back into this world. "This is more than about money because money can only buy you food and things like that, but only beauty can feed your soul and your spirit," said the former first lady. Speaking of which, 3 things I just learned about Ms. Marcos today:

  1. Filipinos use the phrase "Imeldific" to describe acts of excess.
  2. Imelda isn't done with the courts just yet. She still has to face 10 more bribery cases, dozens of civil suits, and hundreds of cases relating to her illegal transfer of money. Oh, and
  3. in spite of the Marcos legacy, her daughter somehow got elected as a Congresswoman.