You guys stepped up to the challenge on our first "Show Off Your Smarts!" post. The challenge was to send in your favorite movie-related facts. Here are three of my favorites:

1) Allison submitted a fact that just screamed urban legend and even when she claimed it wasn't, I still had my doubts. But our genius research editors did some digging and it turns out it's true. Allison wrote:

During the making of "the Wizard of Oz", the costume department brought in used clothing from charity shops. A jacket worn by Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel was discovered to have belonged to L. Frank Baum (author of the book). I always thought it was one of those myriad "Oz" myths, but I've researched it and its true! That, my friends, is the very definition of irony.

2) I also liked Emily's fact, because it is so Hollywood:

6 of the 9 women who won an Oscar for best actress in the past 10 years (Hilary Swank won twice) have split from the husband or boyfriend they thanked in their speech.

3) And then Louis Ginocchio III submitted a fact which also surprised me:

Bollywood puts out more movies every year than Hollywood. Common knowledge, right? The truth is that India is no longer the home of the world's most prolific movie industry. The honor now goes to Nollywood (Nigeria) which produces about 1500 full length movies a year. What is amazing is the fact that this number was almost zero only a short time ago. Today the industry employs thousands and brings in several hundred million dollars a year in revenue.

Our research team would probably make a small tweak to that and say "as many as 1500" because we could not confirm that it was quite that large but we did confirm that it was larger than Bollywood.

See, now we're all a little smarter. Thanks folks and be sure to look out for next week's challenge!