Since news of Bob Barker's retirement has no doubt sent the world into a state of shock, I decided to cull some "facts" about the legendary Price Is Right game show host from wikipedia. I haven't had time to double check this, but apparently the Internet has him down for living a pretty incredible life.

  1. He attended Drury College in Missouri on a basketball scholarship.
  2. He served in the Navy as a fighter pilot.
  3. He graduated summa cum laude in economics?!
  4. As an animal rights activist, he stopped The Price is Right from giving out fur coats as prizes (and has forbidden the airing of past shows that included them).
  5. In 1987, Bob was one of the first game show hosts to let his hair go grey, leading the way for Monty Hall and Alex Trebek.
  6. At 83, Barker has the record for being the oldest man to ever host a game show, and the oldest man to have hosted a weekday television program.
  7. He has appeared on Futurama, Family Guy and The Bold and the Beautiful.
  8. He trained and earned a black belt with Chuck Norris, and practiced martial arts daily?
  9. He's been on television now for 50 years!

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